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Sunday, March 9, 2014

5 Beginner Skateboard Trick Videos | Skateboard YouTube Clips

By Jake Walnut

Beginners in every sport have to start somewhere. In skateboarding this means starting with simple tricks.

It is generally a good idea to learn these tricks first on flat ground before progressing to obstacles. Before attempting these tricks, you should also have a solid command of the basics. You should have a smooth stance, be comfortable pushing around, and be able to kick-turn.


Five of the best skateboarding tricks for beginners to learn first include:

1. Manual

The manual is a great first skateboarding trick to learn. You simply pop the front wheels off the ground like a wheelie and balance. Manuals are easy and can be incorporated nearly anywhere or on any obstacle. They are a fun trick to throw in while you are just cruising around the streets.

2. Ollie

Ah, the ollie, the foundation of modern skateboarding if there is one. Learn to ollie and you’ll have the platform for most other tricks down. The ollie is another trick that is great for cruising. Instead of picking up your board to get up a curb or over an obstacle, you can ollie over it.

3. Pop Shuv-It

The pop shuv-it is another basic trick that most beginners will want to learn early on. A great way to prepare for the pop shuv-it is by practicing a standard “shuv-it” on flat ground. The only real difference between the two is that a pop shuv-it combines an ollie with the trick while a shuv-it barely leaves the ground.

4. Boardslide

Every skateboarder knows that rails, ledges, and parking blocks are prime obstacles to shred. The boardslide is a trick designed for these obstacles. Many people find the trick a lot easier to learn than a 50-50 grind because a high ollie is not required.

5. Kickflip

Mastering the kickflip will mark your transition from a beginning skateboarder to an intermediate. Of course, you won’t be there quite yet, but having your kickflips on lock will set the stage for learning other flip tricks down the road. Get kickflips down on flat ground before progressing to curbs and small stair sets.

Learning how to ride a skateboard is one of the most fun activities that there is. But learning new tricks can be difficult. Start with the five above and you are sure to progress faster than you can imagine.

Remember to keep your gear safe when you're not riding. A great way to do this is with a skateboard rack. These racks are handy, protect your board from damage, and look cool. And, hey, you can’t learn skateboarding tricks if your board is broken, right?