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Monday, June 2, 2014

How to Choose a Wakeboard Boat Tower Rack | Tips for Tower Racks

Wakesurf or wakeboard tower racks for your boat come in a variety of styles and shapes, but the purpose is always the same - storage and organization on your boat. If you’ve ever been out on the boat with friends, coolers, and all your favorite toys, then you’ll understand how precious of a commodity space is on your boat.  But as we know, there are a variety of different racks with many different features.  Here's our guide on wakeboard boat tower rack features to help you get exactly what you need!

wakeboard tower rack

Types of Boards.  What type of boards or skis do you need to hold? There are wakeboard, wakeskate, kneeboard, and water ski variations of boat tower racks, so you can almost certainly find something that will fit your need. Additionally, there are even combination racks that let you combine different types of board storage in one rack. For instance, we carry wakeboard/wakeskate and wakeboard/kneeboard combination racks.

Number of Racks.  How many racks do you want? Most boats have one or two tower racks; the only real limit here is space. If you have room and a need for 4 boat tower racks, then go ahead, but four tower racks is probably overkill for most boats.  Two racks for symmetry and two racks for storage is most typical. 

wakesurfingQuick Release Feature.  The quick release feature is a feature that allows you to quickly remove the rack from your tower. There are 2 reasons you may need this feature. (1) Safety: being able to quickly and easily remove your rack prevents your rack from being "lifted" when your boat is in storage.  (2) "Foldability": many wakeboard boat towers are designed to fold down so you can fit your boat into lower overhead clearance areas. Often times, the geometry between the tower and the rack doesn’t let the tower properly fold all the way down with the rack on, so you need to remove the rack in order to properly fold down your tower. If your rack doesn’t come off quickly, then this can be a huge headache.
Construction.  Should be Aluminum or Stainless Steel. No matter how much powder coating or painting is done, standard steel will not work - it will rust. 

Padding.  You’ll want ample soft padding between the forks on the rack. This padding is what will keep your board from getting damaged by the board hitting up against the metal in your rack. 

Rubberized Forks. Rubberized forks mean that the rack has been dipped in liquid rubber and solidified around the rack arms. This means you lose that brushed aluminum finish, but you gain tons of protection. Rubberized forks on your boat rack can help take protection of your boards one step further and will almost completely eliminate any rattle noise between your board and the rack’s forks. 

boat tower rack

Bungee Cord.  You will want the rack to come with an integrated bungee cord. The bungee cord is what wraps around the top of your boards and secures them tightly into the racks so they don’t come out as you turn or hit choppy water.

Angle Adjustment.  Some racks allow you to adjust their angle relative to the horizon. Confused? What we mean is that there are built in adjustment slots that allow you to compensate for the angle of your tower leg. You see, most tower legs are curved or come up at an angle, so when you mount your rack to it, it will be stuck at the same angle as your tower leg. In order to compensate for this, manufacturers have developed slotted channels in the rack and clamp that allow you to adjust how the rack sits respective to the horizon.