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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Surfboard and Skateboard Storage and Display Garage Racks

By Rick Bickerstaff

Believe it or not, I used to not be a big believer in purchasing board storage. I'm cheap and my boards used to just stand up in the corner behind the bookshelf...not very attractive, nor an appropriate way to show off your passions.

After getting a few racks from, though, I have to say that every time I walk into my garage, I like to just stare at my boards...beautiful on their racks and lined up in a row, just like those endless sets we all dream of.

It's kind of weird, but I can't help it -- they're so organized well-displayed that I can't wait to take them out for the next session! Check out this before and after:

Way nicer, and better for your boards too!
What I have here is a Triple Wood Surf Rack on top, with the Clear Surf Display Rack on the bottom. This is a great combination for multiple boards, as the clear rack lies flatter than the 3-tier, so when you put it on the bottom, you can more easily approach your top rack, while still storing one more board. It's also a nice one for displaying your favorite board, no matter where you put it.

At a previous place, I used to sloppily hang my boards on the rafters of my garage. This is a nice place for them and opens up all kinds of floor space, although it's not always good for your boards or your rafters. Knowing the advantages to this, I would recommend purchasing one of many Ceiling Surf Racks available from StoreYourBoard, one of which is pictured below:

Don't forget the skate rack in my garage either. Admittedly, skateboards take up way less space than surfboards, but hanging them on the wall is going to be a much better option than leaning them against the wall, which I've done for years and ruined many-a-paint job that way. This particular rack also holds snowboards and scooters.

My friends walk into my garage and say the same thing every time, "wow, that looks really good!"   So think seriously about getting one of these racks. Your place will look better, and who knows -- maybe your significant other may let you get that new board you want if he or she knows it will be adequately displayed with style and practicality from!

Have a before-and-after shot? Share it with us! We love to see these racks in action!