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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How to Store a Paddleboard | Ceiling and Freestanding SUP Racks

Ceiling SUP Racks

Ceilings SUP racks for stand up paddleboards are awesome if you are limited on space. They are by far the best option and sometimes the only options if you have a house or garage full of stuff on the floor and walls. Your ceiling space is almost never filled and is one of the most underutilized spaces for storage in general.
It may seem counter intuitive, but ceiling racks are also one of the safest places to keep your SUP. Having your paddleboard suspended up in the air will prevent any unwanted bumping into your board. Whether it be kids, cars, or pets, a ceiling rack keeps your SUP out of range and safely secured. We know how much SUPs can cost, so we see many customers pick the ceiling rack strictly based on safety concerns. The most important thing you need to consider about a SUP ceiling rack is whether or not you can easily load and unload it. If you are a strapping young lad or lass, you may be able to easily throw it up and bring it down. But if not, then you need to consider whether you will have someone to help you put your SUP into place depending on how heavy your board is. We offer single and multiboard SUP ceiling racks. One of the best ceiling SUP racks we offer has expandable capability so you can customize to your needs.

Freestanding SUP Racks

Freestanding racks are the best option if you are looking for a mobile storage solution or if you want to be able to store your SUP without damaging your walls and ceilings. Additionally, if you have concrete walls and drop ceilings, then a freestanding paddleboard rack may be your only option because wall and ceiling racks may not be feasible.
The majority of freestanding racks are going to hold your board level with the ground so that it won’t have any issue fitting inside typical residential buildings. As mentioned above, freestanding racks are great if you need a mobile solution. Whether you are a shop owner moving around boards on your showroom floor, or you just want to take your rack to and from your beach house, the freestanding rack is a great choice. There are also freestanding SUP racks that will hold your board vertically on display. These may be the least practical SUP racks, but are the coolest racks available. These vertical SUP display racks hold your board completely upright which looks awesome for display purposes and makes a great addition to retail shops. The word of caution on these racks though is that you must ensure you have adequate ceiling space. A typically residential ceiling is 8ft, so you must make sure that your board will fit in whatever space you have.