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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Day of Spring | Top 10 Reasons We Love SPRING


The long anticipated first day of spring has arrived. We hope you are as ready as we are. Can't wait to see what the longer days and warmer weather will bring this year.

My top 10 list of spring's greatness: 

1.  We can stop talking about how cold it is outside. 

2.  For all my "depressed its over " skiers out there, we know early spring can be fickle and snow is still a possibility...You might be able to get one last ride in this year.

3.  Two words - MAD MEN.  The final season starts in April. We've missed you Don Draper. 

4.  No more pre-heating the car before work in the morning... 

5.  Stays lighter longer. We all agree that this is the best thing in the world, right?!   

6.  Big Al's Soda Fountain and Grill in the OBX opens for the season.  Time to eat some burgers and drink some milkshakes.

7.  Spring colors - in shoes, clothes, work out gear, flowers, etc.  I'm tired of grey, brown and black.

8.  Running, biking, wakeboarding, surfing and camping outside without freezing! Fellow SYB blogger Andrew and I have a date with running destiny soon.

9.  Strawberry picking season...fresh local strawberries will taste delicious in your green smoothie!

10. SUMMER is next.  BOOM. 

Leave me a comment with your reasons why you love spring!

(Thanks to B.Badenhop for her spring picture.)