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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Firefly Music Festival | Festival and Camping Tips

By Andrew Sachs
So the Firefly Music Festival has released its lineup for the 2013 festival and it is right up there with the best of the 2013 summer festivals.  Vampire Weekend, White Panda, Ed Sharpe, Passion Pit, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the Alabama Shakes and Dr. Dog are just a few of  "non-headliners" that will be playing.

StoreYourBoard was at the 2012 Firefly Music Festival and we are definitely headed back for 2013.  Here are some tips we learned from camping out at Firefly in 2012:

Camping Wristbands: when you buy a camp site, you get 4 wrist bands for 4 campers, but no one patrols the camping area checking wristbands. This doesn't necessarily mean you can pack 8 people into your camp site, but you will have no problems getting all your new friends to your site for the pre- and after-parties.

Firefly App: download it, it's free.  When Firefly rolls around the app will be updated with all the bands and when and where they're playing.  You can then choose the shows you want to see and the app will populate those shows into your very own personalized schedule (once again, you will have have to miss good shows)  Check your schedule and figure out where to be when by using the app's map of the grounds.

The Best Stage is the Backyard: no, it's not where the main shows play, but it's where I saw some of my favorite shows.  The Backyard is framed by the trees so it feels like a small venue.  And it's the best stage for getting up close.  

Walking to Shows: from your camp site, it might be 25 minutes + to get to the 2 stages.  Not bad, but don't think you're gonna have the energy to walk back and forth between your camp site and the stages a bunch of times per day.  You will have to prioritize what shows you want to see!  Which means you will definitely miss some good ones.

Cell Phones: great for documenting the shows, keeping in touch with friends nearby and accessing the Firefly app.  Downside is that you end up spending time filming the music instead of enjoying it, run out of batteries, and get spotty service among the thousands of people in the vicinity.  Walkie talkies anyone?

I could go on and on about Firefly.  It was at the top of my list for 2012.  If you're thinking about going - do it!  If you have any other questions about Firefly you can always email me:

UPDATE: story from newspaper local to Dover on how camp sites at Firefly are sold out and nearby campground have limited space to offer.

by Andrew Sachs