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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Cleaning | Tool Racks For Garages and More...

By Andrew Sachs
Despite the weather outside, spring has officially arrived.  And along with the beginning of spring comes that annual ritual when everyone needs to get ready for the coming whirlwind that are the spring and summer months: SPRING CLEANING.  Take the time to get all your gear dusted off, hung up and organized.

And to help you with your spring cleaning, check out some of the newer additions to our website, our Tool Racks.  We have a number of tool racks from very simple hooks used to hang individual tools, to bigger, adjustable racks that can house a variety of tools in different shapes and sizes.

Here's a few of our Tool Racks that run the gamut from simple to heavy duty:

Hose Rack.  When spring rolls around it's obviously time to break out the hose for your plants, garden, lawn, or even the sprinkler on a hot day for the kids.  Make sure you have a hose rack this year to keep your hose organized and easily accessible for whenever you need it.  And save yourself from the inevitable wipe-out from tripping over your hose...

Ladder and Cord Rack.  Need more than just a hose rack or more than an extension cord rack?  Check out this combo ladder and cord rack.  Perfect for all those project oriented people who need the convenience of a dual purpose rack.  Ladder and extension cord go hand-in-hand for many projects around the hose, so why not store those items in the same spot for easy and simultaneous access.  2 birds with 1 stone.

Tool Hook.  For how simple this tool hook is, it can really make your garage or storage area stay neater and cleaner and easy to locate your bigger tools when you need them.  Stop throwing your broom or shovel into a corner, where it gets other stuff dirty or damaged.  Hang it on the wall with this cheap ($8.99) and easy tool hook.

Shovel Rack.  Ok, you don't just have 1 shovel or 1 broom that you need to hang up.  You have 6 shovels.  And they're heavy duty and you need a heavy duty place to hang them.  Maybe you run a landscaping business, work at the maintenance department of a company, or have an amazing garden that you keep in top shape.  Grab this shovel rack to keep all your shovels together, accessible, and organized.

Large Hanging Tool Rack.  Even better, you don't just have 6 shovels you need to hang up, you have shovels, rakes, cords, hoses, and other maintenance equipment that you need to keep organized.  This Large Hanging Tool Rack is your solution to take care of your storage problems.  We know those tools are expensive!  Stop throwing them around, which can damage the tools and your storage space and anything in that space.  Hang up your equipment safely with this rack!

Once you check spring cleaning off your list you will be free to get back to your outdoor sports like surfing, wakeboarding, biking - whatever is your favorite! Don't forget we've got racks for them too!