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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Travels to the Dominican Republic!

I just got back from a 5 day trip to the Dominican Republic.  

Jackpot!! How inviting does this place look?? I could have just slept at the airport for the next 5 days. Took my beach chair and tanned on the tarmac. But I was advised that we continue on to the hotel...As we drove to the hotel, I was struck by how green and lush the landscape looked.  Rolling grassy hills, horses, cows - it was like a tropical Lancaster County!  

We were greeted at the hotel by Diego, who was pouring champagne.  Why gracias amigo! A girl could really get used to this! And I did!  We checked into our rooms and hit the beach right away... 

As you can see, pretty windy where we were staying. We knew there are some great spots in DR for wind surfing, but we didn't see anyone out. No surfers either, just way too blown out. 

On Day 3, we signed up for a 4-wheeling tour... That morning it had rained...pretty decently. We had gotten a few of those casual 15 minute afternoon tropical rains, but this had been sustained pouring. We drove off the beach and connected to a main-ish road, which was compacted dirt/sand. The road was filled with pot holes and the potholes were filled with dirty rain water.  Pheww I thought. These 4 wheelers were made for this!

The tour was about 2 hours and it was awesome to see DR’s true beauty in its natural state.  We rode up a small mountain and got to stop and explore a cave nooked into the mountain.  As we drove through the neighboring village, the local kids were walking home from school, waving and casing after us. I wished I had a bag of candy to throw to them like in parades. All in all, a really fun adventure.

2 days later, it was time to leave DR and I was totally depressed thinking about regular life back in the Estados Unidos.   

All in all, a great trip.  Thanks for traveling with me!