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Thursday, January 16, 2014

10 Fun Excuses to Get You Out of Work to Go Surfing

It is that time of the year when the swells start cranking.  Unfortunately, the epic surf does not always wait for weekends.  Here are ten fun excuses to get you out of work and back in the water. 

10. My horoscope said that aliens were going to abduct me on the way to work and probe my brain for secret surfing tips to bring peace to their war torn planet.

9. My Aunt’s cousin’s turtle is locked outside and if we don’t get it in the house it will die.
8. My dog is being reincarnated as a jellyfish and I need to go to the aquarium.

Board Meeting

7. I have to attend a board meeting in (city of favorite surf spot).

6. I have to go to Mars for some rock collecting.

5. My third cousin on my mother’s side spent the night and gave me lice.

4. I was repairing my surfboard and accidentally glued my feet to the top of the board.

Surfing Darth Vader

3. There is a disturbance in the force and the Jedi High Council has asked me to help reharmonize it by surfing at their secret break on Tatooine.    

2. I fell into a vat of toxic waste and have gained super surfing powers that I must use to bring truth, justice, and the American way to the people of Surf City USA.

1. I have to go surfing because the waves are epic.  

I hope these excuses get you motivated to get your board off your surf rack and back in the water where it belongs.  

Tell me, what was the best excuse you ever used to get out of work and go surfing?