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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

5 Reasons Why Your Boyfriend is a Lousy Snowboard Instructor

Learning how to snowboard can be a difficult and stressful time. You fall down every time you try anything new, and you limp home every time you get off of the slopes. Expect to be sore for the first three months of your learning experience.

In addition to being in physical pain for the majority of the ski season, your bank account will also be in pain. After spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on gear and lift tickets, you might not be keen to spend anymore.

Letting your boyfriend teach you how to snowboard seems like a good idea until the two of you are having a screaming match under the ski lift and you still haven’t learned how to turn. While your boyfriend probably does a wonderful job changing your oil and cooking your favorite dinner, he is going to make a lousy snowboard instructor. Suck it up pay for the professional snowboard lessons (unless of course you work at a resort and get free lessons).

        So why should you splurge on getting a real snowboard instructor?

1.  You will probably act cordial when learning from a stranger. You’re going to fall down a lot and get frustrated. However, when you’re upset, you probably won’t start yelling and flailing in the snow in front of an almost stranger. Your boyfriend has seen you at your worst, but if he’s not around you’ll do a better job at hiding your insecurities.

2.  The instructor will not get impatient and yell at you. You will most certainly not be the worst student your snowboard instructor has ever taught. She has dealt with people who are far more clumsy and slow to learn than you are. While your boyfriend cannot wait to keep heading down the mountain, your instructor is paid to sit there and watch your pitiful progress.

3.  The instructor will put your bad habits to a stop. Everyone has certain aspects of their snowboarding technique that need to be improved or are just downright wrong. Your boyfriend probably has his own bad snowboarding habits that he thinks are right, and if he really believes in himself, he will try to pass on his poor techniques to you. The snowboard instructor, however, will spot your poor techniques and put them to a stop before it’s too late.

4.  Your boyfriend can’t explain things very well. When I was first learning how to snowboard, I had a really difficult time turning without falling down. My boyfriend’s “explanation” of the correct way to do it was, “Just turn! Go! What are you doing?! Christ, are you serious?! You’re not even trying!” Once I finally went to lessons to see if a professional could help me turn, the instructor carefully watched what I was doing and pointed out, “You need to look towards the direction you’re trying to go.” And BAM; it clicked. I had learned how to turn.

5.  You can take advice and criticism from an expert, but you probably can’t take it from your boyfriend. When your boyfriend tells you that you need to work on your form, your first instinct might be to argue or make up excuses. It’s really difficult to work on your technique after you have had an argument; it just magnifies all of the frustrations you are having. When you’re snowboard instructor tells you that you need to work on your form, you listen to her because she’s an expert. Then she goes onto make suggestions and help you improve. Positivity leads to good results.

If you can’t quite make it to the slopes yet, but you want to learn the theory part of snowboarding, check out to watch videos for beginner snowboarders. Be sure to get some Sportube Snowboard Rack Straps to secure your snowboard during all your drives to the mountains.