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Monday, January 20, 2014

Packing for a Baja Surf Trip | Surf Travel Essentials

If you are wondering what on earth you need to take on a surf trip through Baja California, you have come to the right place. Baja is home to some very rugged landscape. To get to some unbelievable surf you're gonna need to spend some long hours on dirt roads baking under the hot mexican sun. Believe me, it will all be worth it. So lets start with the most important thing you can carry with you. . .

  • A passport! After you get through the border, it is always good to have it within reach. It is not unlikely for a van full of gringos to get pulled over and searched by policia. So be sure to respect the law of the country you are in and do not have anything that is suspicious.
  • A small air compressor and a spare tire is highly recommended. So when you cross over onto dirt roads, you can take air out of the tires and be able to put it back in when you head back. It also comes in handy for cleaning out the inside of your car after a few weeks in the desert.
  • Extra leash and leash string. I once made the terrible mistake of not bringing any extra string to attach the leash to the board. I ended up snapping the string but not the leash.  It would have been fine if I had shoes, but of course I only brought sandals.
  • A little bit of dog food. When there is no swell you can have a lot of down time. This means plenty of time to attract new friends. Stray dogs are quite a problem in mexico and its always nice to feed some hungry creatures. On a recent surf trip we absolutely became best friends with a stray dog with a terrible cut on its leg. . . . long story short the dog decided to hitch a ride back with us and is now a healthy part of the family
  • Basic travel needs. Based on the kind of experience you are looking to have, pack accordingly. I have been on a surf trip in baja where a friend of mine got tired of using the make shift porta potties, and decided to get his own portable toilet. To my surprise it was a great investment. Especially after drinking bad water!
  • Wetsuit repair kit and a small tube of ding repair. Last thing you want to do is freeze with a ripped wetsuit, and have a board that has a massive hole in it.

Just trust your instincts, grab what you need, tower your surfboards on top of your surf rack, and go travel for some waves!!!