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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Gear for a Scramble | What You Need To Take Climbing and Hiking

by: Lauren Fry
Scrambling is a middle ground between hiking and rock climbing and is a free climb. The main difference between scrambles and other free climbs is that it does not require ropes or climbing equipment and is non-technical. Just because you don’t need technical climbing gear does not mean you should go out empty handed!

A few essentials I always carry along when hiking or scrambling:
  1. Water: Duh. Especially now in the heat of the summer, always pack water that could last you at least two days, even when going out for a couple of hours.
  2. Knife/multi-tool: I always keep a decent sized pocket knife on me in case of animal attack or other emergencies. A multi-tool separate from your cutting knife is also a good idea to carry.
  3. Medicine: I personally suffer from asthma and always carry my inhaler, it is a good idea to carry any essential medication that you need.
  4. Clif shot bloks: these are great sources of energy that are used by athletes in a plethora of sports and activities. I also carry these when I am biking and skiing.
  1. First Aid/Medical tape: No need for a full blown first aid kit if you are doing a level 1(beginner-intermediate) scramble for a few hours. If you are planning on doing a longer or more strenuous scramble it would be a good idea to carry a kit. My absolute go to medically is tape, you can use it as a tunicate, wound covering, as well as protection on your hands and fingers.
  2. Cellphone/charger: While climbing it is a good idea to put your phone into airplane mode when not being used. I have a small portable charger the size of a roll of dimes that I can charge prior to going out and it will provide multiple full charges to your phone. It’s great not only for multiple day trips but also in case of emergency for day trips.
  3. Buddy: Never go out alone, no matter how comfortable you feel. No your dog does not count as a climbing buddy, he can’t dial a phone.  Along with having someone with you, it is a good idea to tell someone when and where you are going and when you are expected back. The most important part about this is telling someone who would actually care if you didn’t come back... so your cats don’t count, they know where you keep the Meow Mix, and again, they can’t dial a phone.

This is a recent picture of me taken by my climbing partner /sister. We were climbing in Colorado right outside Fort Collins at Horsetooth Rock in the Horsetooth Mountain open space.