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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fading West: Music and Surfing with Switchfoot

By Rick Bickerstaff

It was another boring day at work, punching the keyboard and staring at my screen. But then I received an email about one of my favorite bands, Switchfoot, on tour to support their new album, Fading West. It turns out they wrote the album while also making a movie of the same title, so I watched the trailer and something about it put a spark in my mundane day that could not be denied.

They travel the world to surf and play music? Are you kidding me?! What a life! After dreaming about some of my own adventures I'd like to go on in life, I went and watched the movie...
"The dream would have been to be a pro surfer, but it didn't work out, so I'm in a rock and roll band instead."
Rub it in, why don't you, Jon Foreman? At least they shared it with us in this awesome movie.

First off, what a concept! Surfing and music go together like pancakes and syrup; and if you're in a rock band that travels the world, why not go to really awesome surf spots while you do it? Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Bali and Southern California -- each with its own challenges and triumphs, but all worth watching.

Switchfoot with pro surfers (l-r): Tim Foreman, Timmy Curran, Rob Machado, Chad Butler, Tom Curren and Jon Foreman.
One of the biggest surprises is that the band is actually pretty good at surfing! They're not professional by any means, but I was impressed at their skill. But who wants to watch a surf movie with pretty good surfers? Well, why not call up Tom Curren, Rob Machado and some local legends to help out? They do, and it's awesome. Rob Machado was always one of my favorites though, thanks to his buttery smooth style, so maybe I'm biased....

In between the surfing are bits about their music, travel segments, as well as the difficulties of touring the world and being husbands and fathers at the same time. It's hard to be sympathetic when they are living such a dream life, but every profession has its problems I suppose.

Exotic locations, dangerous breaks and good music...overall, I'd say this movie is definitely worth the watch! Whether you like Switchfoot, or have never even heard of them, it's entertaining and will inspire you to follow your passions in life, especially if that passion is surfing!