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Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Twilight Biking Guide to Forks and La Push

By Megan Maxwell 

Last year my mother and I went on a long-distance bike ride down the Pacific Coast. As cool as I like to pretend I am, there was one destination that I felt compelled to go to having never been to the Northwest before. That destination was Forks, Washington.

biking in Twilight setting

The Twilight books, set in Forks, gave this small town a national presence, and I must admit it is a beautiful place. The forests are lush and the fog is all-encompassing. I was disappointed not to run into any werewolves while I was there (team Jacob), but it was a memorable experience regardless. How to Get There: The closest big town is Port Angeles (also in the books). You can bike it if you want, but I took the city bus for $1.50. My mom and I were the only people on the bus who made the whole journey, so we were able to use the bike rack and have free seats for our panniers. The drive there was full of rolling, pine covered mountains and ponds with fog hovering over top. Of course, if you want to make the bike ride from Port Angles to Forks it is 60 curvy miles with a narrow shoulder.  
Forks bike trip
biking out of Forks to La Push
What to Do: The locals told me that Forks is no longer the great tourist destination that it was at the height of Twilight-mania. I was OK with that because I got the Bella-suite at the same rate as a normal room. I spent my day here visiting the Twilight-themed visitor center, seeing the replica of Bella’s beat up truck, and taking photos of all the random Twilight signs and artwork.

Forks to La Push:
La Push is the other well-known town featured in the book. It’s an easy 15 mile bike ride to La Push from Forks. Stop by the Forks grocery store before you leave town because there is just a campground grocery store in La Push. We camped at the Quileute Oceanside Campground. They have cabins available, but tenting was great because we got a spot right by the water and fell asleep to the sound of waves. It was right on First Beach and I witnessed the most spectacular sunset of my entire trip. Not to mention, the beach is full of driftwood and downed trees, so it’s a fun place to explore.

La Push beach
sunset in La Push  

Dress for the Weather: I was there in June and it was chilly. The locals walked around in t-shirts and shorts, but I felt the need to wear two long-sleeve layers on top. June was a good time to go because the rain subsides for a short time in the summer. It was still overcast, but it wasn’t wet. It’s still a good idea to bring a rain jacket, just in case.   Even if you aren’t a Twilight fan, this is still a beautiful place to visit. The locals were very friendly and helpful, and it is an inexpensive vacation destination.