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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Must-Have Snowboard Maintenance Accessories and Tools

By: Claire Botsy

Walking into a snowboard shop is like Christmas morning to most of us, with new shiny equipment on display and our entire wishlist glimmering amongst the boards, boots and gear. If you’re just starting out it is hard to discern what you need and what just looks good. 

snowboard gear

The following are essential tools to ensure that you have a good time while tearing up the mountain; we will leave the extreme accessories needed for off-piste, heli-skiing, and kicker building for another time. 

Short of having appropriate riding pants, jacket and your very own setup, the following are what every rider needs on the mountain:

Waxing tools: Knowing how to wax your own board makes sure you’re well acquainted with it and that you understand what needs to be done to keep it riding smoothly. It is also as satisfying as nailing a new trick. Don't know how to wax your own board? Now you do.

snowboard waxing guide

Sharpening tool: A handy little device that lets you take care of your edges yourself instead of shelling out $$$ for someone to do what you are just as able to do. Check out how to do it here.

Snowboard Tool: Not sure what to call it other than a regular snowboard tool, it is a combination of screw drivers that are needed to tighten and adjust your bindings. Some bindings are more fickle than others and need tightening more frequently, plus it can be fun to try out a new stance every now and again. My favorite has two to four different drivers on it, fits on your keychain, and most importantly, a bottle opener, all needed for an on mountain emergency.

snowboard tuning tool

Goggle wipe: A small piece of soft cloth that does the trick: keeping your goggles from fogging up. Most pairs of goggles come with them, but if yours didn’t don’t fret, most board shops supply them (or just use an old sunglasses wipe).

Neck warmer: The combo head, neck and face warmer is essential when braving the elements in the name of snowboarding. Get something stretchy and made out of some material you can’t pronounce, this ensures that it will dry quickly and will keep you pretty darn warm. Essentially a hat without a top you can wear it, you guessed it, around your neck, up on your face, and as a hat/headband when needed.