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Thursday, February 26, 2015

What are SUP Lights? Paddleboard Lights for Night Paddle Adventures

Ready for the next challenge on your paddleboard? How about lighted night paddleboard adventures.  We've got SUP light setups that you can strap onto your SUP and experience twilight or midnight out on the water!

paddleboard lights

Why do you need lights for your paddleboard
  • Visibility: with lights on your paddleboard, you'll be able to see paddleboard at night and see things you have never seen before, like a whole array of wildlife that only comes out at night! 
  • Safety: the lights not only let you see well, but they also let others see you better too, and you can easily track your friends and family as they join you on night-time SUP adventures.

How do SUP lights strap on to a paddleboard?

paddleboard lights

  • A pair of color changeable LED bars quickly and easily strap to the bottom of your SUP
  • Fully adjustable straps let you snugly fit the lights around virtually any size paddleboard
  • The straps are connected with heavy duty buckles that provide a firm connection yet allow you to quickly remove or add the lights.
  • The lights generally come with a travel case to allow for easy transport and protection when your lights aren't on your SUP.

How are the lights powered?
  • The SUP lights are powered by a water-resistant lithium ion battery pack.
  • Depending on the version of paddleboard lights you get, the batteries may be capable of providing 1600 lumens of light power for up to 4.5 hours!
  • The lights are completely rechargeable.

What are the actual lights like themselves?
  • All versions of SUP lights come with white lights.
  • Some versions of SUP lights have adjustable spectrum settings that can be set to red, blue, green, orange, teal, bright white so you can spice up your night paddling experience.
  • Some versions of SUP lights come with a color rotation mode, disco mode, S.O.S. mode, and strobe mode, for fun and safety.

stand up paddleboard lights