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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Give Art for the Holidays | Mount Skateboard Decks

I was reading the Wall Street Journal on Friday and came across this article titled "Giving the Gift of Art" by Anna Russell (requires log in, dagger!).  It talks about the rise in popularity of art as a holiday present and the different forms of art that you can give.

photo illustration credit: C.J. Burton
I paid particular attention to the top right of the illustration which featured a skateboard deck as an example of art that makes a great present.  It's true - skateboard decks look awesome on walls and have that extra dimension (literally and figuratively) to them that paintings or prints don't have.

photo credit: SYB customer @idontknowhereyouputallthatfood
Of course, to get your skateboard deck on a wall, you need the right skateboard mount.  We've got your solution - this floating skateboard mount is our most popular mount, and for good reason.  You don't see any of the mount, all you see is the deck, which is how it should be.  Looks just right and is a great pairing for the skateboard deck that you might be thinking about giving as a gift for the holidays.

Cheers! Andrew