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Saturday, December 14, 2013

How to Stay Warm on the Slopes - Skiing and Snowboarding Tips

It’s that wonderful day out on the ski slopes you've been waiting for! Oh yes, you want to enjoy every bit of it, but can you beat the extreme cold?
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Throughout our skiing experiences, we've heard many skiers complain about not being able to maintain the same level of excitement and energy when the wind starts swirling. Of course, it’s difficult, but there are ways to mange. Have you ever enjoyed skiing even on a zero-degree day? Tell us if you ever did! 
And if you are new to skiing, take our advice: Keep yourself as warm as possible for as long as possible. This doesn’t mean that you have to bundle yourself up from head to toe! Have fun while riding by making some smart moves even while getting all warmed up for your ski day.
It’s simple. Just follow our tips below:

Pamper Your Body!
We all know that climbing a mountain takes up all our energy. Skiing does that too! So, before you head towards the ski slopes in this cold weather, you need to prepare your body well. Energize yourself by drinking a lot of water, eating properly and getting ample rest the day before you go out skiing.
Follow the Basics
Everyone knows: Wrap yourself up with layers! Start dressing for a thrilling ski experience by choosing the clothing that suits you the most. This should be breathable, so when it gets a bit warmer, sweating will not be a big issue. You can take care of your neck by wearing a turtleneck, scarf, or bandanna.

Get a Hold of New Technology

Though we have been hearing about the technological ski products for a while now, know that they are very important for you. Your fingers and toes are most prone to cold. The best way to get rid of this is to keep your hands and feet warm by using heated gloves and boot heaters. Obviously, they deserve the best ski storage.
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Protect your eyes too. If you think your goggles will begin to fog and will interfere with your vision, then look for the “electrically heated” goggles. These goggles will also keep the eyes/head warm.

Watch Your Moves!

Maybe you're very excited while riding on the slopes, and you simply don’t notice that your body has gotten extremely cold. It's bound to happen and here's our advice: Head into a warm spot after a few hours. Drink hot chocolate, get some rest, and then come back out and enjoy skiing all over again!

Yes, You're Right – Staying Warm Is a Piece Of Cake

Now that you know how to get ready even for the toughest ski day, there are no fears of getting cold! Now what? The snowy mountains are waiting for you! Grab a great pair of skis and begin your ski journey! Do you have your ski rack for this? Wouldn’t you like to share with us how you store all your ski equipment? Others are curious how passionate skiers organize their ski gear!