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Monday, December 23, 2013

Professional Snowboarders Killing It: Austin Hironaka, Scott Stevens and Corbin Clement

For this article I just wanted to have some fun and find an excuse to watch some snowboarding videos and share some awesome riders with all of you.  Here's 3 guys who are absolutely tearing it up in the video world and proving you don’t just have to worry about winning contests - you should be out there having a good time.

(1) Austin Hironaka 
(2) Corbin Clement 
(3) Scott Stevens

Photo: Darcy Bacha
(1) Austin Hironaka

First up we’ve got Austin Hironaka, he rides for Ride Snowboards and can be found in many of Think Thanks videos doing all sorts of crazy things. He’s managed to make classic tricks stand out with just the flick of his board. There is something about throwing some little tweaks onto your big air tricks that make them look even more awesome. 

When he’s not out filming or working summers at Windells Camp he can be found tinkering with engines in his garage. For me watching a video with Austin Hironaka in it like his Japmob video, I can’t stop thinking about how much fun he’s having.

Photo: Chris Wellhausen

(2) Scott Stevens

Who ever said you had to keep your feet strapped to the snowboard? Scott Stevens takes everything you think you know about snowboarding and tosses it out the window. With a background in skateboarding Stevens has brought those tricks to the slopes. Plants, wall rides, rails, back flips he does them all, and sometimes with only one, or no feet strapped in. 

He’s also another rider that shows up a lot in Think Thanks video parts but he’s best known right now for his Union Binding video. For a guy who seems to be injured every other season he has managed to land on the Capita Pro team with his own pro model board out this year. 

A few years back he and I were both riding the Capita Horrorscope until mine broke this past season but because I love the graphic so much I think I’m going to hang it with a Snowboard Wall Mount. Stevens like everyone else on this list can often be found at Mt. Hood Oregon over the summers killing it at one of the snowboarding camps there.

Photo: Erik Hoffman

(3) Corbin Clement

Let's wrap this up with Corbin Clement. Corbin was one of the first guys that got me really excited about snowboarding and gave me the motivation to keep plugging away at it when he was my first coach at Windells a few years back. 

Corbin stands out from the rest of the snowboarders because he managed to land a sponsorship with Saga Outerwear as their first snowboarder on a fully dominated pro ski team. From the massive 75 foot jumps to little kickers Corbin knows how to tear up every inch of a good park. Just watch his summer edit from 2012 and I’m sure you will see why he’s made it on my list of favorite boarders.

"Having a Good Time"

What really draws me to liking these riders is above anything else they’re having a good time. It doesn't seem to be all about getting the shot or winning the contest, it's more about just killin' it with some good friends. I like to watch people who ride for fun rather than money, because when they are having a blast it gets me ready to head out and have some fun with my buddies.