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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Wood Paddleboard Storage Rack | SUP Display Rack

If you got a new standup paddleboard for Christmas or the holidays, or if you've had some SUPs but realize you need to take better care of them, check out this functional and affordable wooden paddleboard rack option for storing your paddleboards. 

Here's what Stephanie had to say about this SUP rack, posted in a review on 12/23/13:

My husband purchased two paddle boards without really thinking about storing them. We live on the beach, which is great for having boards, but we live in a condo, which is the worst place to store a board, we have no storage. For the last two years we talked about hanging them, and looked at racks, but we never made a move in that direction, what we did was store them behind our couch, they are 11 foot boards and 31 inches wide,,, so imagine that. 

This year for Christmas I decided to surprise my husband and I bought the racks. I read the reviews and checked out the description and felt confident they would work. I ordered two sets and the cost was so reasonable. The racks came quickly, in time for Christmas and while my husband was out of town one of his friends came over and hung the racks and we put the boards up,,, we decided to hang them in the bedroom and they are perfect there... we had a totally empty wall so we hung one higher than the other. and they look like wall art. they are easy to get out the the racks and easy to put into the racks. Hanging the racks was not difficult, I had never done it before, but I probably could have if I would have had the right tools... my friend used a drill, a screwdriver, a stud finder and a step ladder,,, very simple... I would recommend these to anyone,,, 

MY HUSBAND LOVED THEM. HE LOVED THE WAY THEY LOOKED AND HOW FUN THE BOARDS LOOKED ON THE WALL... I now have my living room back,, no more boards behind the couch...,,, my friend who hung them is ordering the racks for his boards, he loved them.

Thanks Stephanie!  That rack is a great SUP storage rack and we've got a number of other paddleboard racks to check out if you're looking for something other than wood, for multiple paddleboard storage, for ceiling storage, or other paddleboard storage options.