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Sunday, May 4, 2014

SUP Leashes | Straight, Coiled and Hybrid Paddleboard Leashes

Check out our SUP Leashes, one of the latest product additions to our site.  As the weather heats up, we've got you covered with stand up paddleboard leashes, whether you're taking your board into the surf to catch some waves or are just cruising around the lake or other flatwater, or getting in some SUP yoga.  Depending on your activity, you should check out our coiled SUP leashes, our hybrid SUP leashes, or our standard, straight SUP leashes.

Straight SUP Leash: this SUP leash by Ocean and Earth is a great leash for your typical SUP adventure, hitting the surf.  At 10 feet long, it gives you the distance you need in your leash.  The 8mm leash thickness is super strong and ensures that big paddleboard of yours isn't going anywhere.  Of course, there is plenty of padding around the ankle and swivel technology to prevent tangling.  

paddleboard leash

SUP Coil Leash: another Ocean and Earth product, the SUP Coil Leash is a coiled version of the straight SUP leash.  This leash is also 10 feet long, when uncoiled, and otherwise has the same features of the straight SUP leash, such as ankle swivels and padding, and the strength you need to keep your paddleboard close.  Coil vs. straight leash is partially about preference, but the coil also keeps the leash tighter and closer, and more of it out of the water, reducing drag from your leash.  For cruising around flat water, the coil leash often makes the most sense.

coiled paddleboard leash

SUP Hybrid Leash: can't decided between the straight leash and the full coil leash?  Grab the paddleboard hybrid leash.  Made by XM, this leash has all the same features of the other 2 leashes, but gives you the best of both worlds with part of the leash coiled where it hits your ankle and part of the leash straight where it attaches to your board.  This gives you the versatility to optimize your flat water experience with limited drag, but retains the freedom for you to hit the surf whenever it is pumping.  As a bonus, this leash comes in 5 colors, so you can give your paddleboard some personality. 

paddleboard leash

We offer some other price points for SUP leashes on our site also - check out them and the rest of our SUP accessories.  Generally, XM is a more affordable alternative to the Ocean and Earth leashes. But, of course, with a tradeoff in price can come a tradeoff in strength and quality.  Let us know about your experiences with different brands of leashes and Ride On!