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Saturday, January 10, 2015

10 Songs for Your Ski or Snowboard Playlist

If you are anything like me, you may not be able to deal with the quiet that comes along with boarding. As long as I can remember, I’ve never been satisfied with most athletic activities unless there has been music involved as well. This has driven me to a state of spending a (sometimes ridiculously) long time contemplating the playlist I will load before I head out for the day. It seems to be well understood that having your headphones in and music blaring can make you unaware of what is going on around you, but it can also keep you engaged in what you are trying to focus on.The right song at the right moment can make your day (or season).

Here are ten songs that will definitely be on my playlist this year, and I like to think they would serve pretty well on about anyone else’s list as well. Before you throw your iPod into your snowboard boot bag on the way to the mountain, check out some of these to see what you like.

  1. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Weapon of Choice

To me, this song just screams classic hard rock. Great guitars, strong vocals, and a driving beat will always make me move a little faster. This seems like a good choice for most activities.

  1. The Who - Baba O’Riley

This one is so well known and it continues to have great energy. It showed up on many playlists, including the Telegraph’s list of snowboarding songs as well.

  1. Jimmy Eat World - The Sweetness

I’ve always enjoyed Jimmy Eat World, and this one seems to especially fun and keeps the energy up the whole time.

  1. Gym Class Heroes - The Fighter

Most everyone enjoys an underdog story, and this song was a recent well done example. Widely popular commercially, it is one that is consistently good and shows up on many playlists.

  1. Beck - Loser

Classic alternative Beck’s biggest hit, this song is one that is slower but has a good rhythm. Listening to in on the way down the hill just kind of always takes me back to some of the first times I was on my board.

  1. Kanye West - Stronger

This one was widely popular and shows up on a large number of sports playlists, but it is well done and catchy. Easily one of my favorites for when I’m on my snowboard or my bicycle.

  1. B.o.B. - Don’t Let Me Fall

Nice rhythmic song. The beat works out well for snowboarding, plus it is easy to sing along with. Most of us are always hoping not to fall.

  1. Foo Fighters - The Pretender

Flat out driving rock that keeps you going hard. This song is another constant playlist addition for action sports.

  1. The Postal Service - Such Great Heights

A fun cover with a great electronic sound, this song takes an original and creates a very strong contender for a favorite.

  1. Red Wanting Blue - The World is Over

This is a song from a lesser known band, but they are from near my hometown and one of my favorites. Now they seem to be getting a bigger following all the time. This is not off their newest album, but is a good up-tempo addition.