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Thursday, February 6, 2014

5 Essentials for a Surf Camping Trip | Surf Travel Tips

Nothing quite matches the anticipation and excitement that comes with packing for a surfing road trip. Just you and your surfer buddies preparing to hit the open road, get a little dust up your noses, share some beers around a camp fire, and hopefully, catch some decent surf. In the midst of the building excitement, it can be easy to forget some essential surfing, camping, or traveling items. Check out these five necessities you’ll want to be sure to pack for your next surf/camping adventure.

1. Ding repair kit
If you don’t have a fully-stocked ding repair kit, at least bring along a tube of
Solarez to quickly patch up your board. Nothing is worse than cracking your nose or tail on the first day of your trip and watching your friends score pumping surf without you.
2. Duct Tape
You can pretty much seal anything up with Duct tape: a board ding, a hole in your tent, even a gnarly reef cut. Duct tape is something that should probably be in your vehicle at all times anyway, but double-check that you have some on hand for your surfing road trip.

3. Surfboard Racks
Too many surf trips have been ruined by piling a mess of boards in the back of someone’s car, only to discover cracks, dents, and dings in several of them when you get to your camping spot. Investing in a quality set of
surfboard racks for your car or truck will give you piece of mind on your road trip and will go a long way to ensuring that all of your boards arrive intact.

4. Wax
If you are the guy who is always asking to barrow wax from someone in the parking lot of your local break, it’s a good idea to bring along plenty of
extra bars. Depending on where you’ll be camping, there is a chance that there won’t be any other surfers around for miles, which means empty waves, but also no one to turn to when your board is in need of a fresh coat.

5. Sunscreen
You’d think that surfers would be more diligent about protecting their skin from the harsh, powerful rays of the sun while they are out in the water. A quick look at the old, leather-faced surfers at any beach, however, proves otherwise. And as anyone who has been burnt to a crispy lobster-red can attest, a bad sunburn can put a serious damper on your vacation. Don’t rely on your friends to bring the sunscreen either – just bring along a big tube of at least SPF 30, and you’ll all be covered.