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Friday, February 21, 2014

Triple Wood Wall Surf Rack | Organize and Display Your Surfboards

The other day I got a really cool surf rack for my surfboards.  I have never had a surf wall rack, so my boards were just hanging out in the garage lonely and sad.  

The wall rack shipped super fast and was really light. I was a little nervous that because it was so light it would not be very sturdy or might look bad on my wall.  Once I received the rack, the packaging gave me hope and the rack components were beautiful.  Yay, two fears alleviated!    

The rack came with super easy to follow directions, which was awesome for me because I am not that handy.  There are moments when being a blonde has its pitfalls.  According to the directions and the packaging you can use this surf rack for almost any kind of board.  This rack is just full of exciting features.

Installation was a snap.  It took less than a half hour to have the boards hanged up for all to see. First, I enlisted help from my number one dead hot sexiest stud, to help me find more studs (wall studs, that it)!  Ok lame I know, but that doesn’t make it any less funny.  Then we measured how high to put the rack on the wall so people wouldn’t bonk their heads.

Then we assembled the components.  Notice the rubber strip that helps hold your boards in place. The rack also has a really cool design so you can go with a variety of display options.  The notches in the arms enable you to display up to two surfboards upright or do a combination of two flat and one upright. Seriously, it was so easy to assemble and install.  I am kicking myself for not getting this surf rack sooner.  

Once we found the studs and assembled the rack we fastened it to the wall and placed the surfboards on the rack.  Installation was super easy and quick.  The hardest part of installation was deciding where to put the rack! This rack is so sturdy it can hold my 50 pound vintage Hansen longboard (top board).   

Cool features about this rack are the quick installation, it is sturdy, and it can hold multiple types of boards.  I really like this rack and I am so excited I get to display my surfboards.   One more thing, this rack was really reasonably priced.  I was surprised at how inexpensive this great quality wall rack was!  Really, get yourself one of these they are AWESOME!!!