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Sunday, February 2, 2014

5 Reasons To Shred Caviahue: Argentina's Hidden Ski and Snowboard Spot in Patagonia

What do Vail, Aspen and Zermatt have in common? Well, besides all three being top ski resorts and having pretty cool names, they will never get the chance to boast being the ski resort of the end of the world. That title belongs to Caviahue, located in Patagonia, Argentina.

If you’ve never been to South America, this is your perfect excuse to go. Caviahue is located in Neuquén, a province that stands next to the Andes. You may have heard of Las Leñas or Bariloche. The thing is, everybody goes to those places. Luckily, Caviahue is still an almost untouched heaven on earth. But before we step into this marvelous latin-adventure, let’s not forget that our snowboard must travel as comfortable as we do. Keep it safe from damage with a snowboard travel case. In the end, there’s nothing worse than arriving to your destination to find trouble with your board.

5 Reasons To Visit Caviahue:

1. The ski resort is a few steps away from Copahue volcano.

That’s correct. You can see with your own eyes what you see in movies. A real volcano
covered in snow, and the mountains reaching the horizon. Now that’s a pretty awesome
pic for Facebook or Instagram, huh?

2. It’s like going to Iceland, except you can pronounce the nearby city names.

A common issue regarding traveling is that you have to adapt to the city names.
Fortunately, you won’t find any overly-excessive consonant words in Caviahue’s surroundings.
You can read them out loud without having to point them out in a map to get directions.

3. People from Patagonia tend to be really friendly.

This is because most of the Argentine population is not located in Patagonia.
These people have a quiet life and love tourism (breakfasts are exquisite).
Regarding accommodations, Caviahue has a hotel capacity of 800 beds.

4. There are plenty of exotic excursions.

Dogsledding, forest excursions. You name it. Fishing is also a recommended activity but be careful with the car’s paint! (Gun and rod holder is highly suggested). Moreover, you can go hiking to Salto del Agrio Falls, a stunning 60 meters high waterfall.
Nonetheless, if you just want to relax after a fulfilling snowboarding day, there are plenty of thermal springs in Caviahue and its surroundings.

5. There’s room for everyone.

Whether you have experience or not, Caviahue offers you a variety of trails regarding snowboard. If you are taking your first steps in this sport, there’s a ski run for you. And if you're already able to impress chicks/guys, well, let´s just say you'll know what to do.

If you’re still not convinced (wow, you are tough), here’s a bonus: Argentina’s currency is not strong. So let's just say you will be ten times richer. It’s like going to Eastern Europe, Spanish style. So are you ready for this vibrant experience?
Do you know any other hidden places to snowboard? Let us know!