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Sunday, February 16, 2014

5 Reasons Snowboarding Equipment Makes a Great Gift

Birthdays. Christmas. Valentines. It doesn’t matter which festivity we are talking about. When it comes to presents, there’s a whole world in front of us. It can be personal or simple, exotic or mainstream, but it must always be an awesome gift for the person who receives it.
photo: Jason Waltman

5 Reasons Why Snowboarding Equipment is the Perfect Gift:
1.  Clothes is a Family Field.
Your friend’s birthday is getting closer. What are you going to buy? Clothes? Of course not. That’s what his family will do. It’s like stealing their idea. Moreover, remember grannies are proud of their socks and sweaters. So forget it.
Perhaps a video game? Nah, too basic. But hey, what about the snowboarder snowboard rack? A beautiful rack which not only performs but also makes you proud of your wall. Think about it. Your friend’s face while unwrapping the gift. Priceless.
2.  Subtlety is Everything.
If your friend doesn’t practice snowboard here’s your best excuse. Of course, you could just get him a board but maybe that’s just too obvious and direct. Give him a snowboard display rack. He’ll stare at you like “dude, I don’t do snowboard”, exactly what you were expecting, Napoleon. Just wink at him. He’ll get it.
3.  Be a Good Wing Man.
If your friend lives together with his girlfriend (or wife) you know they have issues – like any other couple. He has already washed the dishes, cleaned the table and probably fixed that broken window. Make him happy with a snowboard wall rack. Everything will look tidier and the “why’s everything on the floor again?” line will disappear from the couple’s vocabulary.

Courtesy of Greg Murray
4.  Practice Snowboard. Save a Tree.
People like buying books for their friends. The thing is, you’ll always know it’s a book. The wrapping paper doesn’t help much. The shape is still the same. So there’s no room for surprise. Give your friend a bamboo snowboard rack.  It’s eco-friendly and you can download an E-book while driving to the mountain. Wow, you’ve just saved a tree.
5.  Change Habits.
I’ve seen lots of people going to birthday parties with no gift whatsoever. They show up and smile to the host: “Hey, here’s your present: me! Flesh and bones. Happy birthday!”. But you can make the difference. Show up with a locking rack strap. It’s affordable and your friend will thank you for it later.
Do you know any other good reasons? Tell us in the comments section below!