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Friday, February 14, 2014

Mastering the Moguls | Ski Mogul Techniques and Tips

A common misconception I have noticed with skiers, is that they don’t realize their ticket/pass is good for the WHOLE Mountain! No, not just the groomers, the moguls and back bowls too! Too many skiers are scared or intimidated by a long steep mogul field. Even I get intimidated standing at the top when you can’t even see the moguls below because how steep and large they are. 

These are a few key elements for mastering the moguls that have really helped me take on the bumps and greatly improve my performance:
  1. Having the Right Skis: having a longer and heavier ski can make moguls dreadful; you do not need to have a specific mogul ski but having a shorter lighter all mountain ski can benefit you greatly.
  2. Ski Condition: waxing and sharpening your skis every five days (give or take depending on mileage and use) is especially important for making sure they can do their job so you can do yours. Deep dings or scratches should be repaired quickly. Proper ski storage storing your skis somewhere where they can’t be damaged will also prolong the life of your skis!
  3. Absorption: really using your knees to absorb the impacts can help with getting into a rhythm and keeping your balance.
  4. The Pole Plant: planting on top of the moguls as you fly past is a great way of staying in control of your whole body, and keeping that oh-so-important rhythm.
  5. Planning Ahead: Don’t let the moguls surprise you, looking ahead three moguls helps in planning your path and to foresee any changes or obstacles.
My dad and I at the top of the
world cup race course in Beaver Creek!
Just reading this article will not improve your mogul skiing, so get out there and start shredding! Practice your technique on a less difficult run before taking on the ‘C-lift Challenge’ at Winter Park! For those of you more seasoned mogul skiers who may want to take on that challenge, it is to ski every bump run off of the C-lift to entirety in one day. 
My next conquest to complete is the Talons Challenge Weekend at Beaver Creek. This particular challenge is only open to the public one day, on March 1st, 2014. The challenge is to complete all 14 runs on the infamous World Cup Birds of Prey downhill course. Registration fills up extremely quickly and is very limited, is this the year you make it onto the Talon’s Wall-of-Fame?
Have you completed the C-lift challenge, Talon Challenge, or know of any others like it? Comment below!