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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

3 Under the Radar Action Sports Movies

Maybe you have seen these sports movies, but I doubt it - they are worth hunting down to watch, or watch again. Nothing like some teenagers just trying to LIVE and not be held down by the man...and their parents.

1. Rad - This is your classic tale of a young and talented BMX biker extraordinaire, Cru Jones. When his small town hosts a pro bike race, (called Helltrack - amazing!), Cru is amped to try to make it with the big boys. Only trouble is Helltrack falls on the same day of SAT's and surprise, surprise, his mom wants him to go to college. Amazing cast - Aunt Becky from Full House is the leading lady...And did I mention there is a choreographed BMX bike dance scene set to "Send Me An Angel"? Something for everyone.

2. Chalet Girl - Airing on the romcomdrama side, this movie features skateboard champion Kim Matthews, who is working a lame fast-food job helping to support her dad after a family tragedy... But her luck changes when she is hired to be a housekeeper for a loaded family in the Alps. Spoiler alert - this is the best job ever. Also to my fellow Gossip Girl fans, this movie co-stars Chuck Bass. Put this on your Netflix cue and thank us later.

3. Breaking Away -  This coming of age film about a group of friends in small town Indiana does not disappoint.  And of all 3 movies, it's the most decorated. It won a Golden Globe in 1980 for Best Musical/Comedy and an Oscar for best Writing/Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen.
In a nutshell, Dave Stroller - a freak cyclist - just graduated high school, loves the Italian Racing team and is trying to mack on some IU hunnies.