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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mount and Display Your Skateboard - In Your Music Studio

StoreYourBoard in your music studio: check out these pics we got from one of our customers who used our skateboard mount to display his skate decks in his music studio!

The studio is Rourketown Studios, owned and operated by Jeff O'Rourke out in LA.  Jeff has an extensive music career with a few different bands, most notably the Phunk Junkeez, where he and the band toured with the likes of No Doubt, 311, Incubus, Sublime and the Ramones.   

Since his touring days, Jeff settled down in LA and built Rourketown Studios.  The studio has been a favorite of producers such as Rob Chiarelli (Will Smith, Madonna) and mixers like Thom Flowers (The Ataris, Eyes Set to Kill).  

We are stoked that Jeff picked our racks to display his skateboard decks in his studio and are looking forward to inspiring some great music.  More proof that you can really StoreYourBoard anywhere!