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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bike Storage Racks | Free Standing, Wall Mounts, Apartment Racks and More

Yes, we have bike racks.  Even though bikes aren't a board, you can still store them and so our expertise covers storage and display racks for your bicycles.  Our bike racks come in different varieties - free standing bike racks, wall mount bike racks, hanging hooks for bikes, ceiling bike racks and standard floor bike racks.  Racks for your garage, shed, basement, apartment, dorm room, beach house, closet or wherever else you store bikes.  And we've got racks that can store up to 6 bikes!

Bike Storage and Display Racks:

Bike Hanger Hook: it doesn't get more simple (or cheap, $9.99) than this.  Mount the bike hanger to your wall and then hang your bike's tire on it.  The bike hangs vertically for efficient storage in an apartment, closet, shed or other tight space.  Grab a couple if you have a couple of bikes.  For a different option, we also have a Ceiling Bike Rack Hoist.

Pressure-Mount Apartment Bike Rack: the ultimate bike rack for a rental space or college dorm because it has no screws - and therefore no holes in your walls and no lost security deposit.  The center pole uses a pressure mount that spans from the floor to the ceiling to secure your bike, and adjusts all the way up to 9 feet 6 inches so fits most rooms.  Innovation.

Free-Standing Bike Rack: super simple yet very efficient design allows you to double your storage capacity for your bikes.  This rack has upper and lower level rack arms, so your bikes stack one above the other, each stored horizontally.  Easy in easy out for when you're headed out on a training ride or a casual trip to the beach.  Have more than 2 bikes?  This rack comes in a 4 bike version also.

Vertical Bike Hanger Rack: if need to store multiple bikes, this rack is a much more robust option than the bike hanger hook; it is a horizontal rack with 4 "J" hooks along a rod that can be slid to adjust for 4 different sized bikes.  Great for garage and basement spaces and for those with a serious bike collection.  Have an even more serious bike collection - get this rack with capacity to store 6 bikes!  

Don't see what you're looking for?  Yes, we have more bike racks on our website!