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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Spring with the Backwoods Crew | More Fishing, Hunting and Surfing

By Andrew Sachs
When we last caught up with the Backwoods Crew, we wrote about all the good things the guys were doing down on Delmarva, including riding huge waves, reeling in fish after fish and hunting whatever animals were in season.  Since that time, they have been up to more of the same and we wanted to give you an update.

 Waves.  Yeah, the water gets cold up the east coast over the winter and through the spring, but that doesn't mean much for these guys because that's when the waves are breaking.  I've seen picture after picture of Colin on waves all over the place, full suit and hood, ripping or getting barreled.  Follow @backwoodscrew on instagram if you need more proof.

Fishing.  It's always time to fish when you've got a pond in your backyard, and that's what the Backwoods Crew always seems to be doing.  Reeling in all kinds of fish: Hybrid Stripers, Large Mouth Bass, Carp or whatever else is biting.  And finding all the best fishing holes to fish in.  Ha, and rigging up boards as fishing vessels.

Hunting.  Like I said, whatever animal is in season, the guys are hunting it.  Recently they have been out for turkeys.  They've caught a few of the thunder chickens and even filmed a hunt, with the video to be released on their website shortly.  Gobble gobble.